Workers Compensation

workers compensation independent medical reviewsNMR supports the workers’ compensation claims process through its specialty-matched peer review services according to established criteria and guidelines while addressing causality, reasonableness/necessity, MMI, functional capacity and/or disability.

With a focus on high-quality health outcomes, NMR delivers reliable decisions that are consistent with the appropriate standards of care and free of conflicts of interest.  This promotes best practices in workers’ compensation claims, utilizing evidence-based medicine.

National Medical Reviews, Inc. (NMR) is a URAC accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO) which provides specialty-matched reviews for workers’ compensation entities.

NMR has a geographically diverse Peer Reviewer Panel with over 500 independent reviewer resources encompassing all specialties and subspecialties, who are experienced physicians and clinicians IROs base their decisions on the strict use of appropriate, evidence-based guidelines, helping to ensure that the appropriate treatment is used for a specific patient’s care.

Services Provided

• Chart Reviews
• Forensic Medical Reviews
• Functional Capacity Testing
• Disability Claims & Evaluations
• Complete Medical Records Reviews

• Peer Reviews
• Utilization Reviews
• Impairment Ratings
• Independent Medical Examinations


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