NMR has full accreditation from URAC as an Independent Review Organization – Comprehensive Review (both Internal & External). NMR is able to provide Independent External Review services under the Federal Affordable Care Act.


NMR maintains Accreditations / Certifications in the following states: Even if you do not see your state, please call us at 1-800-283-8196 to see how we can partner.

State Certifications/Contracts:

StateDepartmentCertification / ContractCertified Since
ArizonaArizona Department of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2017
ArkansasInsurance DepartmentIndependent Review Organization2010
ColoradoDepartment of Regulatory AffairsIndependent External Review Entity2000
ConnecticutDepartment of InsuranceExternal Appeal Entity2009
GeorgiaDepartment of Community HealthIndependent Review Organization2017
IdahoDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2010
IllinoisDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2010
IndianaDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2000
KentuckyDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Entity2007
MaineDepartment of Professional and Financial RegulationIndependent Review Organization2014
MontanaCommissioner of Securities and InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2016
NebraskaDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2014
NevadaDivision of InsuranceExternal Review Organization2016
New YorkDepartment of Civil ServiceDispute Resolution Program2011
North CarolinaDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2013
OhioDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization*2000
OklahomaInsurance DepartmentIndependent Review Organization2013
PennsylvaniaDepartment of HealthCertified Utilization Review Entity as UR Agent for MCOs1999
PennsylvaniaDepartment of InsuranceCertified Utilization Review Entity for Independent External Reviews1999
PennsylvaniaDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization – Long Term Care2011
South DakotaDivision of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2010
South DakotaDivision of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization – Long Term Care2010
UtahInsurance DepartmentIndependent Review Organization2011
VermontDepartment of Financial RegulationIndependent External Review Organization2011
VermontDepartment of Financial RegulationIndependent Review of Long Term Care Benefit Trigger Determinations2011
VirginiaBureau of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2011
WashingtonOffice of the Insurance CommissionerIndependent Review Organization2005
WisconsinDepartment of InsuranceIndependent Review Organization2009
WyomingDepartment of HealthIndependent Review Organization2010

*d/b/a as Ohio Independent Review Organization